Far East Film Festival 2023, ecco il programma

Far East Film Festival 2023 | MYmovies.it

Sono pochi i festival cinematografici che attendiamo con più ansia e gioia del Far East Film Festival: alla sua 25esima edizione, la manifestazione di Udine dedicata al cinema dell’estremo oriente torna dal 21 al 29 aprile, col Gelso alla carriera all’attrice Baisho Chieko e un programma che si snoda attraverso 78 film dei quali 42 in concorso (e di cui una ventina disponibili anche online su Mymovies: li consigliamo a tutti coloro che non possono recarsi in Friuli). Ad aprire il festival, Ajoomma di He Shuming, prima co-produzione tra Corea del Sud e Singapore, ma l’opening night schiera anche un secondo titolo, la black comedy Bad Education di Kai Ko. Il film di chiusura è invece il nuovo film di Zhang Yimou, il period drama Full River Red.

Sono ben 14 i Paesi da cui provengono i film del Feff, compresa la Mongolia che partecipa per la seconda volta, con una commedia ambientata… in un sexy shop di Ulan Bator. Gli ospiti protagonisti di masterclass sono invece quattro: l’intrmontabile regista Johnnie To, Hiroki Ryuichi, Po Chih Leong e Jang Sun-woo. Di seguito, ecco il programma completo.

Full River Red, ZHANG Yimou, black humor-Machiavellian mystery with black humor, China 2023, World Festival Premiere -CLOSING FILM
Hachiko, XU Ang, the-most-famous-dog-in-the-world, China 2023, World Festival Premiere
Hidden Blade, CHENG Er, a vortex passions in Sino-Japanese war, China 2023, International Festival Premiere
Home Coming, RAO Xiaozhi, escape-from-Arab-country action drama, China 2022, International Festival Premiere

Everyphone Everywhere, Amos WHY, don’t forget your phone!, Hong Kong 2023, World Premiere
The Sunny Side of the Street, LAU Kok-rui, refugee social drama, Hong Kong 2022, European Premiere

Making Waves – Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema
A Guilty Conscience, Jack NG, mega hit legal drama – Hong Kong 2023, European Premiere
A Light Never Goes Out, Anastasia TSANG, bittersweet neon sign nostalgia, Hong Kong 2022, Italian Premiere
Lost Love, KA Sing-fung, domestic drama, Hong Kong 2022, European Premiere
Mad Fate, Soi CHEANG, hysterical noir, Hong Kong 2023, Italian Premiere
Vital Sign, CHEUK Wan-chi, medical drama with action, Hong Kong 2023, European Premiere
Where the Wind Blows, Philip YUNG, lavish historical crime thriller, Hong Kong 2022, Italian Premiere

Sri Asih, UPI, Indonesian female super hero epic, Indonesia 2022, Italian Premiere
Satan’s Slave: Communion, Joko ANWAR,horror in a condominium, Indonesia 2022, Italian Premiere

December, Anshul CHAUHAN,second chance court drama, Japan 2022, Italian Premiere
Egoist, MATSUNAGA Daishi, superbly performed gay love drama, Japan 2022, European Premiere
The Legend & Butterfly, OTOMO Keishi, warring-couple and warring-armies period saga, Japan 2023, International Premiere
Phases of the Moon, HIROKI Ryuichi, reincarnated love?, Japan 2022, European Premiere
She is Me, I Am Her, NAKAMURA Mayu,four stories in covid time, Japan 2022, International Festival Premiere
Techno Brothers, WATANABE Hirobumi, quirky road movie with techno music, Japan 2023, World Premiere
Your Lovely Smile, LIM Kah Wai, offbeat portrait of an indie director, Japan 2022, Italian Premiere
Yudo, SUZUKI Masayuki, elegant comedy on the Way of the Bath, Japan 2023, European Premiere

Abang Adik, Jin ONG, wild lives of two unlucky brothers, Malaysia 2023, Italian Premiere
Coast Guard Malaysia: Ops Helang, Pitt HANIF, fiercer than John Wick is the Guard!, Malaysia 2023, International Premiere

The Sales Girl, Janchivdorj SENGEDORJ, bold & sexy coming-of-age, Mongolia 2022, Italian Premiere

Deleter, Mikhail RED, kill the video and run from the ghost, The Philippines 2022, International Festival Premiere
In My Mother’s Skin, Kenneth DAGATAN, The darkest fairy tale of them all, The Philippines 2023, Italian Premiere
Where Is the Lie?, Quark HENARES, trans identity and cruel surprises, The Philippines 2023, European Premiere

Ajoomma, HE Shuming, Singapore 2022, romantically lost in Korea, European Premiere – OPENING FILM

Ditto, SEO Eun-young, time-crossing-fantasy romance, South Korea 2022, International Festival Premiere
Killing Romance, LEE Won-suk, flamboyant kill-your-husband comedy, South Korea 2023, World Festival Premiere
The Night Owl, AN Tae-jin, deceptions and murders period drama, South Korea 2022, International Festival Premiere
The Other Child, KIM Jin-young, ghost and faith multilayered horror, South Korea 2022, Italian Premiere
Phantom, LEE Hae-young, who’s-the-spy? Thrilling action drama, South Korea 2023, Italian Premiere
Rebound, CHANG Hang-jun, young basketball team exploit, South Korea 2023, World Festival Premiere
The Wild, KIM Bong-han, atmospheric gangster thriller, South Korea 2023, World Premiere

The Abandoned, TSENG Ying-ting, socially relevant murder mystery, Taiwan 2022, Italian Premiere
Bad Education, Kai KO, hyperviolent lost youths drama, Taiwan 2023, European Premiere
Day Off, FU Tien-yu, hairdresser’s sweet story, Taiwan 2023, European Premiere
Gaga, Laha MEBOW, heartwarming glimpse into a Taiwanese indigenous people’s world, Taiwan 2022, European Premiere
Marry My Dead Body, CHENG Wei-hao,explosive comedy with gay ghost, Taiwan 2023, European Premiere
Untold Herstory, Zero CHOU,prison drama in the White Terror era, Taiwan 2022, Italian Premiere

You & Me & Me, Wanwaew and Waewwan HONGVIVATANA, beware the twins!, Thailand 2023, European Premiere


Making Waves – Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema
Life Without Principle, Johnnie TO, crime drama, Hong Kong 2011
Office, Johnnie TO, workplace musical, Hong Kong 2015
Sparrow, Johnnie TO, elegant caper film, Hong Kong 2008

Plan 75, HAYAKAWA Chie, dystopic drama, Japan 2023
Tora-san, Our Lovable Tramp, YAMADA Yoji, comedy, Japan 1969
Where Spring Comes Late, YAMADA Yoji, melodrama, Japan 1970

Convenience Story, MIKI Satoshi, sweet kinky fantasy, Japan 2022, Italian Premiere
Emergency Declaration, HAN Jae-rim high altitude action, South Korea 2022
Way of Life, WATANABE Hirobumi, personal lockdown memories, Japan 2023, World Premiere
You’ve Got a Friend, HIROKI Ryuichi, SM world dramedy, Japan 2022, International Premiere

AUM: the Cult at the End of the World, Ben BRAUN, Chiaki YANAGIMOTO, USA 2023, Italian Premiere
Kaidan, Strange Stories of Japanese Ghosts, Yves MONTMAYEUR, France 2023, World Premiere
Jiseok, KIM Young-jo, South Korea 2022, Italian Premiere

Nomad (Director’s Cut), Patrick TAM, new wave masterpiece, Hong Kong 1982/restored 2023, International Premiere

A/B side VIBES. Greatest Hits from ‘80s & ‘90s
2/Duo, SUWA Nobuhiro, Amour Fou, Japan 1997
800 Two-Lap Runners, HIROKI Ryuichi, sex & sport & rebellion, Japan 1994
Bloody Morning, Li Shaohong, drama , China 1992/restored 2023, International Premiere
Cure, KUROSAWA Kiyoshi, horror, Japan 1997/restored 2023
Dang Bireley’s and Young Gangsters, Nonzee NIMIBUTR, the Gangster Era, Thailand 1997, Italian Premiere
Dust in the Wind, HOU Hsiao-hsien, drama-romance, Taiwan 1986/restored 2010
Dust of Angels, HSU Hsiao-ming, gangster drama, Taiwan 1992/2K restored 2021
Flowers in the City Jail, Mario O’HARA, women prison melò, The Philippines 1984/2K restored 2019
Painting Soul, HUANG Shuqin, drama-romance, China 1994/4K restored, International Premiere
A Moment of Romance, Benny CHAN, action and heart, Hong Kong 1990/restored 2022, International Premiere
A Separated Woman, Chito S. ROÑO, feminist family drama, The Philippines 1994/2K restored 2018
Swallowtail Butterfly, SHUNJI Iwai, crime drama, Japan 1996, Italian Premiere
A Hot Roof, LEE Min-yong, comedy, South Korea 1995
Trio, PARK Chan-wook, comedy crime, South Korea, 1997
Teenage Fugitive, CHANG Pei-cheng, irresistible comedy, Taiwan 1984/restored 2022

Tribute to JANG Sun-woo
Lies, JANG Sun-woo, drama, South Korea 1999
The Road to the Racetracks, JANG Sun-woo, drama, South Korea 1991
To You, From Me, JANG Sun-woo,erotic drama, South Korea 1994

Tribute to Po-Chih LEONG
Hong Kong 1941, Po-Chih LEONG, war drama, Hong Kong 1984, Italian Premiere
The Island, Po-Chih LEONG, camping horror, Hong Kong 1985, Italian Premiere
Ping Pong, Po-Chih LEONG, comedy-mystery, UK 1986, Italian Premiere